When it’s Real, it’s Effortless

Neeraj Weds Mukta&

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Neeraj Kapila


Mukta Dewesar

True love is knowing a person’s fault and loving them even more far them... Love is a very important part of ones life. Once upon time there was a handsome hunk i.e. our Groom To Be who was tired of partying alone and had no one to accompany him the his Lady luck walked in his life and changed his life... Their love story began. By passage of time they were into truely, deeply & madly in love. She Love the way he looked at her for first time.. They came close, closer & closest. Their bond became inseparable although they fight like Dog & Cat. They both are unique in their own way, now The harmony of Love meets with The melody of life to Create Our Beautiful Love Song
Please join us to celebrate.


Wedding Ceremony

2nd July 2017 | 9.00 PM onwards
Golden Knot Banquet Ghazipur Village, Gazipur, New Delhi, Delhi 110096

R.S.V.P.(ronde sare viya picho)

Groom: 9911588179, 9971583205 | Bride: 9560311831, 9911609454
Groom: neerajkapila1990@gmail.com | Bride: mukta.devesar@gmail.com
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